Let’s do a mini lesson today



Welcome back everyone. The past two weeks have been pretty busy at HIUC. All the students have been working hard and trying to get all of their homework done. In most of the writing classes, the students are learning about descriptive writing and paragraphs. Descriptive writing deals with a lot of adjectives and clear examples. Many adjectives and specific details help the reader to imagine the topic clearly.

Let’s do a mini lesson today about adjective order in English. First off, we usually use no more than three adjectives for a noun. If a sentence has too many adjectives, it is too much information for the reader. In English we often use this order:

  1. Opinion adjectives – For example: interesting, cool, stylish, clean, beautiful, elegant, ugly, and unique
  2. Dimension – in other words size – For example: big, huge, gigantic, thick, thin, small, petite, and long
  3. Age – For example: modern, new, old, ancient, and antique
  4. Shape – For example: circular, rectangular, square, oval, round, and triangular
  5. Color – For example: red, white, green, orange, blue, and purple (Please note that we do not say red color. Just saying red is acceptable.
  6. Origin – where was it made or developed – For example: Italian, Japanese, Canadian, American, Chinese, and German
  7. Material – what is it made from – For example: plastic, glass, woolen, silk, wooden, clay, steel, and iron

Here are some examples in the correct order:

A wonderful old Italian clock.

A big square pink table.

A strange orange plastic ornament.

A tight white French shirt.

If you have found any new words today, please check them in your English dictionary. You may want to try looking around your room and writing a few sentences to help you remember the order. This will really help your writing but it will also help you when you read. Most authors like to use adjectives to describe the characters or the situation. Have a great week and we will see you soon!