HIUC Summer Term Classes


ピーター ヴァンデェヴィアー

Hello. This week, the students in my level 2 listening and speaking class had to give group presentations. They had to work in small teams. Each team had to design a town. First, they had to decide what kind of people would like to live in their town. For example, they had to decide if they wanted to attract young office workers, people with families, or retired people to their town. Next, they had to decide what buildings they wanted to put in their town. Then they had to decide where to put the buildings. They had to think carefully about these things. They had to make a town that would match the group of people they wanted to live there. They had to have reasons for why they put the buildings in certain places. Each team made a rough map.


After that, they changed their rough maps into colorful and detailed maps. They planned and practiced how they would present their town to the class. They had to tell the class who their town was for. Then they had to explain where they put various buildings on their map and why they put them there. When they gave their presentations, they could not read from their notes. They were allowed to use cue cards, but they had to look at the people they were talking to.


In Darren’s level 3 integrated skills class, the students did group presentations on fraud. Each group picked a different type of fraud. Funeral fraud, online auction fraud, pyramid schemes, and healthcare fraud are some examples of the types of fraud they chose. Then they had to do some research and get information about that type of fraud. Next, they had to make presentation notes and PowerPoint slides. Finally, they had to present their information to their classmates.