HIUC Summer Term Classes 2


ピーター ヴァンデェヴィアー

Hello. Today, I will write a little about Josh’s classes. In his level 1 speaking and listening class, the students did role plays last week.

They were in groups of around four students. They had to make role plays that were three to four minutes long. In their role plays, they had to include language that they learnt earlier in the term. They had to do things such as describe appearance, talk about the time and date, give directions, talk about family members, and talk about their likes and dislikes. They had to include all of these things in their role plays.


They also had to make their role play fit a topic. The topics they could choose from were – pick up a friend or family member at the airport; pick up a student at the airport who is going to stay with their family on a homestay; or make plans to meet friends at a concert, amusement park, or other attraction. They had to make a script that would fit their situation.


Next, they wrote their scripts. They worked as a team to write the scripts. They also checked to make sure that it was long enough. After that, they showed their scripts to Josh. Then they had to memorize their parts. Finally, they performed their role plays in front of the class. They could not read or look at their notes. They had to do all their speaking from memory.


In Josh’s level 3 reading and writing class, the students had to give oral book reports. Students read a graded reader every week. This is a good way to build vocabulary and reading fluency. They also have to do a variety of book reports on the books they read. Sometimes they do written book reports, and sometimes they do oral book reports. This time, they did an oral book report. They had to tell the class about their book.


They had to make a piece of artwork to go with their book. First, they gave a short summary of the story they read. Then they had to talk about their artwork. For their artwork, they could illustrate a scene from the story or make a book cover for the book. Then they had to talk about the themes covered in their artwork. This was an interesting way for everyone to learn a little about a variety of books.


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