HIUC has been doing well and the students have been studying very hard.



Hello everyone and welcome back. How have you been over the past few weeks? We hope that everyone has been well and enjoying the hotter weatheas well as rainy season.


HIUC has been doing well and the students have been studying very hard. Let’s catch you up on some of their news and assignments.


The E class has been working on lots of presentations recently. This week, the students will be doing a three part presentation on a topic about themselves. They will be talking about three points. For example, some students will be talking about their interests, school life and future dreams, while other students will be talking about 3 important events in the past which turned them into the person they are today.  


The F class completed their first debate at the end of last week. The topics were a little difficult but the students researched the information and did quite well. It was done as a formal debate with two teams of two debating against each other, with the rest of the students as the audience and judging the arguments. The first group debated if agricultural chemicals should be banned. The second group challenged the topic of; should trans-fat (trans-fatty acids) be banned and the final group discussed if high fructose corn syrup should be banned. They work very well in their teams, and when it was time for the rebuttals, they all had good counter-arguments. They will be doing another presentation next week about vegetarians and vegans to get them ready for their final project.


The G class has just finished their fourth book report and their process paragraph. For the process paragraph they had to give directions on a unique topic. For example students had to write about, how to drive a teacher crazy, how to kill a houseplant, and how to propose in a unique way. The strange proposal is connected with another unit in which they are talking about strange dating and courtship customs in different countries. At the end of this week, they will be doing a debate on whether marriage is a good custom nowadays. What do you think? Do you think marriage is a good or a bad idea?


Have a great week and we will see you soon!!


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