Welcome back everyone!!

0_2Wes Cooke 講師

Today is the beginning of our summer semester. We have many new students at HIUC. About 90% of the students are new and will be starting classes today. Orientation finished a few weeks ago and we had the chance to meet everyone during the introduction course. The introduction course is one week long and it helps students get used to an all English environment.

Also, we have a new teacher and many returning teachers. We have four male teachers in our regular program, two from Canada, one from the US, and one from the UK. In addition, we have two female teachers both from the UK. We have four classes this term. We have one E class, one F class and two G classes. The average number of students is about 12 in each class. In the evening class, we have two teachers, one from Canada and one from the US.

We would like to wish everyone luck on this semester and starting a new challenge with HIUC. Even though it will be difficult and there is a lot of homework, looking back on past years it is always amazing to see how much students improve throughout the semesters. We hope that everyone has a great first day and enjoys the summer semester.