Welcome back everyone.



Welcome back everyone. It is now the beginning of the third week. Students are settling in at HIUC and slowly getting used to the class style and the amount of homework.



The students enjoyed the last week as they started giving some of their first presentations and participating in role plays.


The G classes performed a famous Japanese fairy tale. There were some versions of The Peach Boy, Urashima Taro, The Monkey and the Crane, The Crane and the Old Man as well as some others. The students had a good time and worked hard on remembering their lines and adding a lot of intonation to their presentation.


The F class ended the week with doing a role play about fraud and identity theft. This is the current unit which they are studying in their textbook. One of the groups made a very complicated but good role play. A thief stole a passport, and the victim went to the police station. However, it turned out that the police were working with the thief.


In all classes, students are improving their writing skills and doing many grammar exercises and learning how to write a paragraph. The paragraphs have been about the meaning of the Chinese characters in their name, a person they respect and their dream job. This week they are finishing their book and we will be getting their first book report. We will let you know how it went in the next blog.


Have a great week!!!