★Spring English Camp★


ピーター ヴァンデェヴィアー

Hello. I hope you are enjoying the nice weather of spring.
I know that I am. We had an intensive spring English camp for our distance learning students at the end of last month.


We had four large classes, and it was a lot of fun.

During the camp the students did many English speaking activities.
They worked in pairs and small groups. They also did fluency lines and talked to many different people.

They also had a lot of homework every night. The goal was to help them make a big jump in their English skills in a short time.

The students also did listening activities and had listening tests.
The students did role-plays in some of the classes. They also did presentations.


In the class I taught, the students did one presentation promoting a vacation plan.
They had to make a vacation plan. It was similar to a package holiday.
They had to tell the class about their plan. They had to talk about where the person would go,
what they would do and see, and where they would stay.


Many students made posters for their presentations. When one student was talking, the other students had to take notes.
Then they had to talk about which holiday they wanted to take and why. The presentations were really good.

At the end of the camp, we had a good-bye party. The students had pizza and talked.
The students also received certificates to show that they had completed the course.
Everyone took a lot of pictures.

The teachers also got a big surprise. The students in each class got together and gave their teachers presents.
It was a very nice surprise. I know that the teachers were really surprised and happy.

The best part of the course was that most of the students worked hard and did a good job.


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