Welcome back!! This is the final week of the spring semester






Welcome back!! This is the final week of the spring semester.


Yesterday, the Sunday HIUC students finished their course. Everyone did quite well on their last presentation. One of the classes had to research and prepare a graduation trip for the class and then present their plan. After the presentations, the students all choose to travel to Bali! Another class spoke about three key moments of their life and made a final comment to all their classmates. The students enjoyed the awards ceremony and lunch. After school, they took a lot of photos and went to a restaurant to celebrate their graduation and to say goodbye to one another.


The regular students are getting ready for their final exams and presentations this week. The marketing class is holding a competition to see which team has produced the best new product and the presentation to the judges will take place later this week. The psychology students are writing a final essay on how people act under authority as well as completing their final research projects. Most of the students have interviewed 20-30 friends, family members and strangers. They are making graphs and checking if their results are the same as their original idea.


The E and F students have tests every day this week. Most of them are feeling really stressed. The E class has finished reading Oliver Twist and is quizzing each other on key events in the story. The F class has completed The Old Man and the Sea. It seems as if everyone is ready for the upcoming break. We would like to congratulate all our students on their hard work and effort in this past semester.


Most importantly, we are holding orientation this week. It is a nice chance to meet the new students of next year and we are all looking forward to watching them improve in the upcoming semesters.




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