Some of the New Idioms This Week


Wes Cooke 講師 



Hi there. It’s been about two weeks since the last blog and we are now in the middle of our spring semester. Fortunately, the weather is also getting warmer and spring is on the way.


The E class is taking 3 lessons and finding the homework to fairly intense. They have just finished their third essay. The students had to write about a certain kind of person and describe them. For example, some students wrote about celebrities, idol fans, train and camera hobbyists and Japanese comic enthusiasts. They were working on describing and making specific examples. Also, the students are reading the classic graded reader by Charles Dickens, Oliver Twist. Next week, they will be acting out different chapters in the class.


The F class is also reading a novella. They are working through Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway. Their most recent essay is way about a time they changed their mind about a strong idea. Some of the students thought that they would love living in a big city, but after coming to Tokyo, they found out that they prefer living in a more rural area. They were surprised at the noise level and the crowds of people in Tokyo. Other students talked about going overseas, and then deciding to study abroad.


We also started a new short term class for real natural communication English. The students have studied how to make requests, talk to their homestay family or people living in their dorm, how to handle hospital and medical situations and perhaps most importantly, how to make friends in different kinds of places and situations. This class has some listening activities, idiom worksheets, mini speeches and lots of role-plays to practice the expressions.


Some of the new idioms this week were:

I have enough on my plate                          = I’m pretty busy or I have some problems

I’m swamped                                               = I’m incredibly busy

It’s a piece of cake                                      = It is easy

He/She is breathing down my neck             = He/She is bothering me by standing to close or giving me pressure

Have a great couple of weeks and I hope you can try out the new idioms.


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