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The spring term is in full swing, and the students are hard at work.

The students in the level 4 American culture class had to give presentations this week.
In class, they were talking about the push and pull of immigration.

A push is something that makes people want to leave a country, and a pull is something that makes people want to go to a particular country.


For example, if there is a war in your country that could be a push.

You might want to move to get away from the war. In the past, a lot of gold was found in the Western USA.

For some people that was a pull. They wanted to come to America, search for gold, and hopefully get rich.



Students had to research about different groups of people such the French and Irish.
They had to find out about the history of the immigration of that group to the USA. They had to talk about the pushes and pulls that affected their group.

They also had to talk about the immigration patterns of their group.



For example, they talked about when those people came, where they went (city or countryside) and did they stay in the same area or disperse.
There were some very good presentations.

The next day, the students had to tell the class about their own pushes and pulls for going overseas to study.

This was an interesting way for them to relate what they learnt with their own lives.

Have a good week.