How is everyone today?

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How is everyone today? It is now week seven of the spring semester at HIUC.

Many of the students are already getting ready to go overseas by getting new cell phones, filling out the paperwork and waiting for visas. There is a little nervousness but a lot more excitement.


In the classes, students are still busy with their studies. The E class has just completed the first draft of a research paper about American society. A couple of people wrote about politicians, like President Obama. In a different class, they made presentations about a famous philanthropist of their choice. They have improved compared with two semesters ago. They are speaking more naturally and fluently as well as using much more eye contact. In the writing class, they will be writing a comparison essay this week and then the rest of the semester will be spent on opinion essays. The F class just finished off a research paper for the causes of poverty in Africa. They also completed a speech about one of the ancient wonders of the world, such as the Pyramids or the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. One student created an excellent presentation using Keynote which is being shared with other classes and students. The G class is reading and summarizing articles about the benefits and disadvantages of social networking sites and have finished the third presentation for The Old Man and the Sea novel. The classes are getting more and more difficult as the end is drawing closer.


In the marketing class, students have created two original products to market in Japan. They are planning the entire process from start to production with their teams. One team is creating a heavy metal rock idol group. The other group wants to manufacture a holographic watch which has the functions of a smart phone.


The psychology course finished their midterm last week, and the students were surprised at how much studying they had to do to prepare. They have finalized their final research topic and will be starting to interview people and analyze results this week.


The extra classes on real communication have focused on making friends in different situations. The students were surprised at the difference between junior high school textbooks and natural conversation. Students also learned telephone expressions and will be looking at complaining later this week.


Have a great couple of weeks and enjoy the nice weather.