The winter term is almost done.




 ピーター ヴァンデェヴィアー



Hello. The winter term is almost done. It is the final week of classes. The students have been very busy with final exams, presentations, and assignments. When they finish all of these things, we will have an end of term party for them.


The students in the writing classes all had final writing exams. This term, all the students were working on essay writing to some degree. For their final exams, they had 90 minutes to write an essay. It was a pretty big challenge for most of them. Writing a clear, well organized, and well supported essay in only 90 minutes is a tough job. The students also had grammar and writing skills exams.


The American culture class also had their big final exam. Students had 90 minutes to answer a variety of questions. Students had to answer some matching, definition, and multiple choice questions. Students had to write short answers from some questions. They also had to write longer essay style answers for other questions. It was a good sampling of what they might encounter in college.


The students in the listening and speaking classes had their final listening tests and speaking tests. They also had presentations. The students also had regular classes on top of all the tests. As you can see, the students had a busy week.

For some of the students, this will be there last term at HIUC. They will graduate and start getting ready to go overseas. However, many of the students will return next term to keep working on their English. For most students, next term will be their final term. They will have a one-week break before they return for another ten weeks of intensive studying.



Have a good week.