It is the first week of spring quarter here.


 ピーター ヴァンデェヴィアー



Hello. It is the first week of spring quarter here. Everyone is busy with their new classes. The level five reading and writing class is no exception. Level five is college level, so the content of this class is very challenging. On the first day, the students listened to explanations about the basic parts of the class. For example, the students have to annotate the reading selections in their textbook. “Annotate” means to take notes on the articles and essays in the book. They do things like underlining the main ideas of the reading or highlighting new words. In this class, students also have to write summaries in a reading notebook. The summary explains the general meaning and key points of an article. Once a week, students must hand in an essay. This essay is related to one of the reading selections they read in class.

On Wednesday, they learned about thirty morphemes. A morpheme is a part of a word, and it has a meaning. “re-” is an example of a morpheme. It means “again,” so the word “reread” means “to read again.” If students learn many of these morphemes, they will be able to guess the meanings of many new words. In this class, the will learn over a hundred different English morphemes.

Friday’s class included a review of morphemes. Everyone worked in pairs. They had to guess the meaning of a word by breaking it down into its morphemes. For example, “prepackaged” can be broken into “pre-,” “package,” and, “-ed.” “Pre-” means “before,” “package” means “to wrap something,” and “-ed” means the verb “package” is in the past tense. After looking at these parts, you can guess the meaning. One student correctly guessed “prepackaged” as “already wrapped.”

This class is just getting warmed up. They have a lot more to look forward to this quarter.