February 24th Blog

0Wes Cooke 講師 



Hello!! How are you all doing? I hope that you enjoyed the recent snowfall, and that you did not have to worry about train delays. At HIUC we have just started our 3rd week of the spring semester and the last two weeks have been very busy.


The E class has started their first college writing class which focuses entirely on essays. The pace is a little fast and all the students are doing extra homework every night to improve their vocabulary. In the readings and the practice essays in the text, there are a lot of new words for the students to learn. They have completed their first essay and they described a cherry blossom party or a busy train station at rush hour. They are also learning all of the US states and the capitals in another class along with the history of the United States. This class also has a lot of new words and students have to study for a weekly vocabulary exam.


The F class has now progressed to single draft essays. The first essay they had to write was about one of the different types of behavior between men and women. Some students wrote about shopping while other students wrote about different studying styles. They will be starting a new novel, The Old Man and the Sea, by Ernest Hemingway this week. Hopefully, they will enjoy it as much as the students did last semester.


Regarding the optional college level classes, some students are studying psychology and others are studying marketing. In the psychology class, the students have done some different experiments. They have examined which people are more likely to use a train pass versus people who buy a ticket. They have kept a lie journal and found out if their sleeping style connects to their personality. Finally, they have looked at different fonts and decided which are better for males or females and which are better for magazines, comics and newspapers. The marketing class also did an experiment. They did a blind taste test. Students got 3 similar kinds of food or drinks and asked people which they liked more. For example, one student tested 3 types of green tea. The key for this taste test was that the people tasting the product did not know what the product name was. Some people were surprised that they could not taste the difference between their favorite brand and another brand.


Have a great couple of weeks and we hope you are looking forward to spring.