The students are back to school and classes are back to normal.


ピーター ヴァンデェヴィアー 



Hello. The students are back to school and classes are back to normal. It looks like almost all the students and teachers enjoyed their winter break.

The end of the term is coming soon, so the students have been busy and will continue to be busy. The level four reading and writing class is working on a couple of essays. They have finished reading the novel The Pearl, and are currently writing an essay on it. They have finished the first draft and are working on revising it. They also wrote and handed in two outlines. Next, they will choose one of the outlines and use it to write a contrast essay. They can contrast a situation or an attitude. Contrast means to talk or write about the differences between two things. For example, they could talk about the differences between living at home and living alone.

They have also been working on their summarizing skills. This week they had to quickly read short stories. Then they had to summarize the story and tell their partner about it. Then today they had to pick their favorite story and write about it from memory. They had to write a six or seven sentence summary about the story.

The level three writing class has also been busy. Over the winter break they had to do a character analysis book report. That means they had to pick some characters from the book they were reading and analyze them. They had to use information from the book to support their opinions.

Over the break, they also rewrote their compare and contrast paragraphs, and wrote the first draft of their advantages and disadvantages essays. Two of the topics that they could choose for the advantages and disadvantages essay were the internet and part-time jobs. This week they are rewriting their advantages and disadvantages essays. That means that they are looking at their errors and trying to fix them.

This week they also started working on their argumentative essays. They could choose their own topics, but two of the popular topics were: college attendance should be mandatory and that there should be stricter laws for driving while texting or using a cellphone.

As you can see, the students are pretty busy these days. It is good for them because the more they use their English, the better their English will get.