last week of the Winter semester at HIUC

0Wes Cooke 講師 



Hello again. Today brings us to the last week of the Winter semester at HIUC. The students are feeling a little pressured as it is the last week and there are numerous projects, and final exams to complete. In addition, students are finishing up their university and college applications and trying to get all of the required documents. However, most of the students see a light at the end of the tunnel and are definitely looking forward to their week off.


In the E class, the students are delivering final research presentations and putting finishing touches on their final essays.  Topics for this week’s presentations include Crime Amongst the Amish Community, Gibli Movies and the Myth that Country Life is better than City Life and Slow Government Response to Earthquakes in Japan.


F Class is working on their final comparison essays and this week is a rush to finish their novel assignment on The Pearl. The students are responsible for a group discussion on the chapters and an in depth analysis of the novella. They are really enjoying the introduction of symbolism in the book.


In terms of the G class, students are working on their final presentation for The Old Man and the Sea and students have to draw key events and then explain the picture. In the speech class, there is a final exam and a final persuasive presentation. The topics are quite varied and range from changing Japanese politics to not using shampoo every day.


We wish everyone luck this week with all their projects and hope that everyone is quite excited for the upcoming semester. There are a lot of new courses and students can challenge actual university level courses.


Enjoy the final week and the holiday!!