Happy New Year everyone!




Happy New Year everyone! I trust that you enjoyed your winter holidays and were able to relax with your family and friends.

New Year’s is often the time when people make resolutions for the upcoming year. A lot of you might be thinking about improving your English. Some people may have decided to study harder or longer every day. Others may have decided to study abroad on a homestay program or to prepare for their upcoming time in an overseas university. The staff at HIUC is always happy to help you with your future English goals and are able to answer may possible questions, so please do not hesitate to ask for our assistance.

This week back was very short. Most of the students worked hard throughout the winter break and did their homework. Some of the students were quite surprised at how much their English level had changed by not speaking for three weeks and were working hard to get used to an all English environment again as well as classes all day.

The G class is still working on their presentation skills. This week we were working on commemorative speeches, such as introducing a main speaker and next week they will be giving an awards speech. The students are deciding if they will be receiving a Noble Award, an Oscar or a Grammy. It will be very interesting to see the energy level in these speeches.

The F and E classes are still working hard on their writing. Many of the students in the F class are using their new essay skills to help write their university application essays. They all say that it is much easier after taking the essay class. The E students are also working on developing their writing; some students are writing extended paragraphs and others are writing basic essays.

We hope that 2014 is especially good for you and that all your resolutions and dreams come true.