This term is going very quickly.


ピーター ヴァンデェヴィアー 

Hello. This term is going very quickly. We have just a couple of weeks before winter break begins. The students are doing well.

This week, I saw many students practicing for presentations in the computer room and in the hallways between classes. It looks like all the students are getting good at using cue cards. I watched some students practice in the hall a couple of days ago. They had their cue cards in their hands, but they did not look at them very often. They did most of their speaking practice without looking at their cards. I saw one student check his cards only when he had to say a difficult name or an important fact. That is what cue cards are for.


I also saw the students in the American culture class practicing for their short presentations. They were in small groups. Each group had a different video. They had to narrate the video. That means the video was played without sound. The class could just see the picutres. The students did all the talking. They had to make their words match what was on the screen.


It looks like the students are getting more comfortable with talking in front of people. Giving a presentation in a foreign language can be very scary. However, I think that they are slowly getting less and less scared. That is why practice is so important. The more you practice, the better you get. I am looking forward to hearing about the students’ presentations from their teachers.