December 2 Blog


Hello everyone! It is the start of December and I’m guessing that many of you are studying very hard for school examinations right now. Good luck on them and I hope that you all do well.


Speaking of examinations, our students were very busy yesterday and many of the HIUC students took the TOEFL test yesterday. Talking with the students today, some of them said that it was quite difficult, but others said that they think that they did much better than the last test. On both sides, all of the students are nervous waiting for the official results.


In the last two weeks at HIUC, the students were busy with various activities. The E class was very pleased about their compare/contrast paragraph. The teacher played 3 different music videos of popular songs, and the students had to choose two and then write about the similarities or differences about the video and the music. They enjoyed this activity as they could see how the writing activity connected with their daily lives.


The F class is just starting a short novel, The Pearl, by John Steinbeck this week. It will be a chance for them to read a slightly challenging book and help them learn how to analyze stories and books. There are a lot of symbols (words with a deeper meaning) in the book and the students will be able to host a group discussion on certain chapters. In this case, the students will take charge of the class and lead their classmates through topics and questions which they have discovered. In the past, this has been successful and students could get a deeper meaning of the book.


The G class is working hard on improving their reading and vocabulary. This Friday, we will be holding the first class discussion on the novel, The Old Man and the Sea, by Earnest Hemingway. This is very similar to the F class’ discussion. Both are very similar to a university seminar class, so this will help everyone when they study abroad. Also, last week G students completed wonderful presentations about a person they respect. All the students are speaking more naturally and making more eye contact than at the beginning of the course.


Again let me wish everyone luck on their past or upcoming exams. Enjoy the colder weather and the holiday decorations.