The first few weeks of the winter term are now done.


ピーター ヴァンデェヴィアー 

Hello. The first few weeks of the winter term are now done. It looks like all the students are getting used to their new textbooks. They are getting their homework done and coming to class prepared to answer questions.

Today, I am going to write a little about Lance’s level three reading and writing class. This is going to be an important term for them. At the beginning of the term, they will continue to work on paragraphs. However, at the end of the term, they will be writing five part essays. So far, they have written three paragraphs. They wrote one paragraph about an influential person, another paragraph about a memorable experience, and a third paragraph about reasons to get a college education. For the paragraph about reasons to get a college education, they made an outline as a class. That means they talked about the main points and the organization of the paragraph. Then the students had to work alone to add examples and details to support the main points.


They have also written some paragraphs in their journals. They wrote a journal paragraph about the qualities of a paramedic. They talked about the qualities in class. They came up with ideas and examples as a group, but they had to write the paragraph alone. They had to focus on adding transitions to their paragraphs. They also did a couple of descriptive paragraphs. That means you describe what you see. They wrote about the people in a park, and what the people where doing. For example: there are two young boys on the left side of the park. They are playing on the swings. There are three teenage girls behind them. The girls are sitting on a bench and talking.


Next week, the students will hand in their first written book report. They have to read a book every seven days. Then they have to do a report on the book. Last week, they did an oral book report. That means they had to tell another student about the book they read. The person who was listening had to take notes. This was a good chance for them to practice many skills that they will need to use in college when they go overseas.


So far, they are all doing okay. I hope they keep up the hard work.


高校2年生対象 海外留学説明会