November 4, 2013 Blog

Hi everyone. This blog post will connect the end of the fall semester with the beginning of the winter semester.

At the end of last semester the students were very busy with final exams. The G class had an in class exam, a written exam and a final exam on their novel The Pearl.  They also had a final debate and discussion in their Listening and Speaking class. As mentioned in a previous blog, the F class made a survey about marriage, collected the results and in the last week wrote an essay on their findings as well as presenting the information to their classmates. The presentations were quite good and it was easy to see how much the students prepared as they were only using cue cards, yet they were very fluent, had good eye contact and were using gestures to describe the results. The E classes were finishing off writing assignments and final presentations on various topics such as climate change and endangered languages. It was challenging for the students to manage their time, organize their schedule and complete all the assignments. However, everyone survived and felt a great deal of relief when the semester was over.

On October 27th, we held our annual Halloween party. There was a great turn out of many students and most were in costumes. It was also special as the Sunday students could join the party as well and meet the regular students and vice versa. A few teachers came as well and also dressed up for Halloween. There was pizza and snacks, a costume contest and Halloween bingo. Some of the costumes were really impressive, including a student who painted his whole body blue to become a Na’vi, from the movie Avatar. The students in charge of the Halloween party did a great job with the organization and decoration.

Tomorrow the winter semester will start. We have some different courses from this semester. There is a course on public speaking and students will learn how to do many different kinds of presentations and speeches. There is a business course, and students can learn the fundamentals of businesses and companies. The F class will focus on essays in the writing class. This class really develops their writing skills and prepares them for university overseas. In the listening and speaking class, F students will also learn how to debate, followed by participating in debates with other classmates after researching a topic. The E class will continue to improve their English skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing as well as they jump up to a more challenging textbook and class.

I’d like to wish everyone all the best for the winter semester.


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