November 18th Blog


Hi everyone. I hope that you are all well and thinking about your winter holidays. This is just a quick update on what has been happening over the past two weeks.


The G class has been taking three very intensive classes. This semester they are working on a text which focuses on improving their reading and writing. This semester they are writing single draft essays. They are also studying economics and business as well as learning how to make many different presentations. This week they shared how to do something specific for one of their hobbies. Students talked about how to run, how to cook deep fried chicken and how to make balloon art.


The F class is expanding their knowledge about essays and each week they are writing one essay. They are also studying a more in depth textbook about the United States, its history and its culture.


The E class is working hard on making longer paragraphs which will help them at the end of the semester for essays. The readings and listening activities are getting longer and more difficult. Students are studying hard and trying to keep up with all the homework.


Some students are even busier as they are applying for university and they are trying to complete the forms on line. We had a visitor this week who helped promote some colleges and the students were very happy after listening to his presentation.


Have a great day!!





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