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Hi everyone!!! It has been a little while since the last blog entry. I hope that you are all enjoying the cooler weather and studying hard. The past few weeks have been quite busy at HIUC and the students are having a challenge to complete all of the assignments which are coming near the end of the semester.

In our G classes, students have just finished writing an essay which describes their pride or disappointment with the human race, if we were observed by aliens. They are also making debates in their listening and speaking class. In the last debate, one team had a very strong point and the other team could not disagree, so they had to concede defeat.

In the other classes, there have been numerous presentations, some using PowerPoint and some without. The students presented different rules and customs for different countries after doing some research. One of the groups even brought in curry and nan bread and showed the audience how Indian people rip it and eat it with only one hand. The students also worked hard on another presentation, which dealt with preparing for emergencies. Groups told other students how to make an emergency bag, how to make water safe for drinking, what kind of food to store and even how to survive a zombie attack.

In addition to their regular studies, students were busy studying for the TOEFL test.


Many students have received their TOEFL scores last Friday as well as today and most students increased their score. There were many shouts and screams of excitement as they rushed to share the news with their friends and family. It was nice to see that even though many students improved their score, many of them spoke with teachers to see how they could get an even higher score on the next TOEFL test. Some of the students took TOEFL iBT for the first time and are waiting for their scores to be released later this week.


The final news at HIUC, is students have begun preparing for our annual Halloween party. Five students, one from each class, are working together to plan the party later this month. It is usually quite a fun event with lots of activities and some food, and students wear costumes and enjoy the time with their friends and teachers.