The fall term will be done.


ピーター ヴァンデェヴィアー 

Hello. Just a few more hours and the fall term will be done. The students will then get a one week break before they come back and start the winter term. That also means that the Halloween party is only a few more days away.


The last week has been a busy time for students and teachers. In my reading and writing class, the last two days of the term are the most difficult. Yesterday, we had a 90-minute reading test. The students had to analyze essays and answer a variety of questions. Today, they will write in an in-class essay. That means that they have 90-minutes to complete a 5-part essay. They also have to hand in the final draft of two different essays.


The other classes have been equally busy. The level 3 reading and writing class also had an in-class essay this week, and they will have a grammar test today. There have also been many presentations this week. In the American culture class, students had to give a presentation on the state they chose to research. In the level 3 integrated skills class, students will give presentations about different environmental problems.


The level 3 listening and speaking class had presentations and a test. The one class gave presentations about micro-credit and/or aid organizations. Then today they had a note-taking quiz and a speaking test. The other class had a vocabulary quiz yesterday and a speaking quiz today.

In the level 2 integrated skills class, students were studying about organic foods. They had to make a pamphlet to promote their organic food products. I watched the students work in groups in the computer room to make their pamphlets over the last week. They were working hard. Then yesterday, I saw their finished pamphlets. They all looked really well done. I think all the students deserve a short rest after all the hard work they have done.