A Typical Day at HIUC Osaka


ピーター ヴァンデェヴィアー

Hello. For this blog, I thought I would try to describe a typical day at HIUC Osaka. Classes start at 9:20, but the school is open from around 8:30. In the morning, the students come to the main office and put their student ID cards in the attendance box. Some students come early and study in the computer room or the classrooms. Other students come early and hang out and talk in the classrooms before classes start.



The first two periods of the day are pretty busy because all the students have classes in the morning. Listening & speaking and reading & writing are the main courses in the morning this term. Students do a variety of activities in the classes. They always do some work in pairs or small groups. They might check their answers or discuss a variety of topics. Sometimes they do writing activities in class. This week, there were also a few presentations. During the first two periods, there are usually not many people in the computer room; just a teacher or two.



Lunch break starts at 12:30. Some students bring lunch and other students go out and get lunch. Most students eat in the classrooms with their friends. This gives them a chance to talk and relax.


Third period is not very busy this term because many students have a free study period during third period. Students work in the computer room or one of the empty classrooms. They also use this time to hang out and talk to friends if they are done their homework or want to take a short break. They also use this time to prepare group presentations and share ideas.



All the students have classes during the fourth period, so the classrooms are busy again. Classes finish at 4:30. Many of the students do not leave right away. They often study for a while and talk to their classmates. Then they go to the main office, pick up their ID cards, and go home.

The typical day for a student is a mix of studying in class, preparing for lessons, doing homework, and talking with friends. It is a fun but busy day.







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