Wes's blog

Welcome back everyone. I hope that everyone had a wonderful summer holiday. On August 19, 2013 our new fall semester started. All of the students seem excited to be back at HIUC studying English. On the first day of class, I received most of the summer homework, with the rest coming in over the past two days. All of the teachers and students are busy with their new schedule. The teachers are teaching new classes and learning the names of all the students. We also have a new night teacher who is eagerly looking forward to challenging a different style of teaching from his regular job.


This semester, the level has become much more difficult. Some of the students are studying from a college level writing book and reading professional essays as well as a doing a lecture class about the United States. In one of my classes, students had their first presentation today and they had to try to sell a unique Japanese food, such as takoyaki (battered octopus ball) or a rice omelet in North America. The students thought about the good points of the food and how it would connect with a foreign culture. They did very well and the classmates watching were smiling and applauding. Later next week, they will be making a role-play to sell an original product on a TV shopping channel. In the past, it has always been an exciting activity and students have added music and costumes to their presentation.


As this is a new semester, I look forward to keeping you updated with more information in the coming weeks of what the students are learning and doing at HIUC.