The intensive summer English camp has ended.


ピーター ヴァンデェヴィアー 

Hello. The intensive summer English camp has ended. It was a busy but fun 11 days. On the last day, we had short presentations. Each student had to make a 3 to 4 minute speech. They could use cue cards, but they were not allowed to read. They had to be able to deliver their speech mostly from memory. Most of the students did a good job. They were able to speak smoothly and look at the audience. There were a few students who should have practiced more, but on the whole everyone did fine.

All the students did well on the in-class speaking activities. They tried to use the new grammar structures they learned. I also heard many students trying to help each other fix their mistakes. Every night, the students had to write a paragraph. Then every morning they would read their paragraphs to each other. This gave them extra speaking practice and a chance to fix any errors they had. The student who was listening would try to help the student who was reading find and fix any errors they made. Sometimes I would collect the paragraphs and then make them tell their paragraphs to a new partner from memory.


After the last class, we had small lunch parties in each class. In my class, we had okonomiyaki, pudding, snacks and soda. We also talked and took some photos. The students gave me a small gift. They gave me a notebook with messages in it. Each student wrote me a short message. It was nice, and I was happy to get it. After the lunch party, the students had a chance to take the TOEFL test. I hope they all did well.



Just a few more days and regular classes will begin again. I hope all the students had a nice summer break. I look forward to seeing them and hearing about their summer adventures.