DPP Summer Camp


ピーター ヴァンデェヴィアー

Hello. I hope you are enjoying the summer heat. The regular HIUC students are all on summer break now. The intensive TOEFL class has also finished. I hope the students are enjoying their free time and doing some English study as well.

It is summer break for our regular students, but we are still having classes in Osaka. These classes are for our distance learning students. Some of them have joined our intensive English camp. That means that they will study English all day every day for 11 days. It is a long camp but also fun.

The students have been writing one paragraph every night. It is a listening and speaking course, but it is also important to practice writing. It is a good way to help them remember and practice the words and grammar patterns that they have learnt.


We also did a role-play. The students had to pick a situation. Then they had to make a script. After I checked the grammar in their script, they had to memorize their lines. Then they performed their role-play without notes in front of the class. All the students did really well. During class, we do many speaking activities. The students often work in pairs and sometimes in groups of 3 or 4 students. I like pairs because students get more chances to speak when they are talking one-on-one with each other. We often switch partners during the class. That way the students get to talk to many different people. By speaking with many people, they get more chances to learn from each other. For example, in the morning, they talk about their paragraphs. At that time, they help each other find and fix mistakes. I think that helping each other is a good way for students to improve their English skills.


The camp is going well and the students are doing a good job. I hope you have a good summer break.