We are getting closer to the end of the summer term.



ピーター ヴァンデェヴィアー 



Hello. We are getting closer to the end of the summer term. The students are doing well. It is nice because I have been able to see improvements in all of my students.

The students have been doing a lot of reading in their free time this quarter. At the beginning of most classes, the students talk to each other about what they have read. For example, students read 5 to 7 pages of a book one night. The next day they tell their partner about what they read. They make a short summary of the story. The next night, they read more of their book. For example, they read another 5 to 7 pages. The next day, they tell their partner about what they have read so far. That means they talk about the first 10 to 14 pages of their book. The more they read of the book, the longer their summaries become.

The more reading practice they do, the better they become at reading. Also, by talking about what they read, they can practice making summaries. This is an important skill. They also get a chance to learn and use new vocabulary. In addition, they can learn a little about many books. This can help them choose which book they want to read next.

We have also been busy writing paragraphs. We wrote two paragraphs this week. We did a couple of drafts for each paragraph. The students are getting better at putting specific supporting details in their paragraphs. This weekend, they will write another paragraph, and next week, they will probably write two more paragraphs. I hope that they will remember the skills they are learning now and use them next term.

Have a good week.