Wes’ Blog

Hello. Welcome to the Tokyo HIUC English blog and thanks for reading.

My name is Wes Cooke and I’ve been a teacher at HIUC Tokyo
since the beginning of May 2013.
I spent three years at HIUC Osaka before joining the Tokyo school.

This has been a very busy week for students
 as it was the last week of the semester.

The students were working very hard
and trying to complete all of their assignments.
In the writing class I teach,
students had to finish a book they were reading
and then make an oral presentation
to the rest of the class this week.
Then on Friday July 12th,
students had to write their first in class essay
after making an outline and doing research as homework.

In the integrated skills class I teach,
my students had to write a research paper
about an environmental problem
and give a power point presentation about their topic.

Other classes also had presentations
and debates and final exams.
The students seemed pretty tired
but happy in the fourth period on Friday.

The last class of the day was turned into a party
and an awards ceremony as the semester had finished.


We had some speeches from the students
that are leaving to study abroad very soon.

It was great to hear how much they enjoyed their time at HIUC
and how much they improved since they started.

We also had speeches from students who are staying
for those who were leaving.

The speeches really showed how much the experienced students
helped their new classmates.

The party wrapped up with some food and drinks,
mingling and a lot of photos.

Some of the students are getting ready for their summer holidays
and doing their summer homework.

The other students are going to be joining a 9 day TOEFL seminar class,
so that they can improve their scores and have more chances
when they go abroad or when they choose an overseas university.

We hope that all students enjoy their summer vacation,
keep up their English skills by doing the homework
and look forward to seeing everyone back on August 19th, 2013.

We also welcome any new students who wish to join the Fall semester!!




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