There are only a few weeks left before summer break


ピーター ヴァンデェヴィアー

Hello. There are only a few weeks left before summer break. Time flies when you are busy studying. Last week, my class did a paragraph about a messy room. They had to use their imagination and describe what a messy room looks like. First, they made a list of ideas. They had a list of over 15 specific examples that could describe a messy room. Here are some of their ideas: the bed is unmade, a stack of dirty dishes is in the sink, clothes are on the floor, and shoes are scattered around the entrance. After they made a list of ideas, they put their ideas into sentences to make a paragraph. All the paragraphs were well done.

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Now we are going to work on our next paragraph. First, we are going to make simple outlines. Then the students will use their outlines to make a paragraph. They are going to write about their hometown. We are focusing on having detailed and specific support that matches the topic sentence. We are also working on having clear topic sentences. A topic sentence needs to have a topic and a controlling idea. Their writing skills are getting better. I hope to have them right at least four or five more paragraphs before summer break.

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Last Sunday, we had a special open class at HIUC Osaka. I got to teach it this time. This class was for high school age students who want to study English. This time the theme was ‘going to the doctors’. We learnt some vocabulary related to being sick. We also talked about some remedies. For example, if you have a headache, you might take some medicine and sleep. If you have insomnia (cannot sleep), you might drink some warm milk or try aromatherapy. We learnt some common sentences that a doctor or someone visiting a doctor might use. We also did a number of small role-plays. I really enjoyed the class, and I think the students had fun too.

Have a good week.