Things are going well at HIUC!


ピーター ヴァンデェヴィアー

Hello. Not much longer and the warm weather of spring should be here.Things are going well at HIUC Osaka. The students have had a few weeks of lessons and are starting to get used to their new classes.

Most students are taking the note taking skills they learnt in the previous terms and putting them to good use. They are taking notes during lectures and presentations. They are also taking notes while they are reading. Now, many of the quizzes and tests that students have are not on English. They are tests in English on various topics. The students are getting practice with using their notes to study and prepare for tests.

Dscn4952  Dscn4968

The students are also getting lots of practice at summarizing. That means that when they read something, they have to try to understand what it is about, and then explain what they read in their own words. They are making verbal summaries and written summaries. If you can read something, and then explain it correctly in your own words, that means that you understood it. This important skill will also help them when they get to an overseas college.

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In addition, students are getting more practice at making connections between different but related pieces of information. This is the next step after summarizing information. For example, students learn about a tribe of people who live in the Amazon. Then they learn about a different tribe that lives in the Pacific. These groups are similar in that they live with nature. They do not live in cities and take part in the modern world like most of us do. They are also very different. Their cultures and customs are different. The students read and listen to information about these two groups and then have to summarize the information. Then they have to make connections between the two groups. They might talk or write about the similarities and differences of the two groups. Or they might talk about the roles of men and women in the two cultures. Making connections between different pieces of information is a big part of what students do in college. This practice will help them get ready for their future studies.

After this term, the students should be better prepared to study overseas.