The students are reaching the half-way point of the spring term.


ピーター ヴァンデェヴィアー

Hello. I hope you are enjoying the warmer weather. The students at HIUC Osaka are reaching the half-way point of the spring term. Most students are doing well, but they are also realizing how much work they have to do. It is nice to see so many students managing the challenges of their classes.

In a number of classes students are currently working on research papers. That means that they are getting more practice at reading information from different sources. They have to understand that information, find connections between the pieces of information, and express those ideas in their own words. Then they have to combine that information in a logical way and present their ideas in a clear way. They are also getting practice at properly giving the sources of their information. These are all skills that they will use on a regular basis when they go away to school.

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In many classes, students have also had a few content based tests now. That means they have been tested on the subjects they are studying rather than on their English skills. I think they are starting to understand the importance of reviewing the material they study. They will be having midterm exams in a few of their classes very soon. I hope they remember to start studying early. That way they can do a little studying every night. I see some students studying together. Having a study group can be a fun and helpful way to learn. You just have to remember to do more studying than chatting.

Have a good week.