The Spring term has just started!


ピーター ヴァンデェヴィアー

Hello. The break between the winter term and the spring term at HIUC Osaka is over. Students are just finishing their first week back to school. The style of classes in the spring term is a bit of a change from previous terms. Half of the classes are now no longer ESL classes. They have become content courses. This means that students use English to study other subjects. We have students studying college classes like introduction to business and introduction to astronomy. We also have a course to help students improve their college level reading skills and a general education course. In the general education course, the students are currently studying cultural anthropology. I think the students will have a very interesting term.

Dscn4538   Dscn4581

At the end of last term, we had a small party and awards ceremony. We also had an activity where students had to make commercials. We divided the students into random groups and gave them ten minutes to prepare a short two to three-minute commercial. They could pick any product, real or imagined, and had to make a commercial for it. Then they had to decide how they were going to promote their product. The commercials were a mix of small skits, a narrator speaking, and even some sound effects. It was great to see the students from different classes working together and having fun in English. I enjoyed all the commercials. The students showed their creativity and most of the commercials had little surprises in them. It was my first time to see a human-phone.


Dscn4719   Dscn4761   

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I hope the students will take the energy and teamwork they showed in their commercials and carry it into this term. I am looking forward to having a great spring term.



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