◇On Winter Breaks◇


ピーター ヴァンデェヴィアー

Hello. The students at HIUC Osaka are currently on winter break. I hope they are having fun with their families and friends. I also hope that they are studying some English every day. I know that some of them have essays, major speeches, and research papers to work on over the break. If they manage their time, they can get a little work done every day and still have lots of time to relax and hang out with their friends.

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Some students decided to take an extra course during the winter break. There was a TOEFL course scheduled for the first week of the break. The students in this course have spent the last few days working on their TOEFL skills. They have worked on listening skills, grammar skills, and reading skills. They will finish the class soon, and then they will be on break too. I hope that they will spend a little time every day over the break to continue studying for the TOEFL test. They can practice the skills they learnt in class, work on some new skills, and then when they have the next test in January, they should all be able to get nice scores. A little work every day can go a long way.

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Soon 2012 will end and 2013 will begin. Every year has its ups and downs – good days and bad days. I hope your 2012 had more good days than bad days. Enjoy your holidays and plan to make 2013 the best year that it can be.