◇The Winter Term Has Begun◇


ピーター ヴァンデェヴィアー

The winter term at HIUC Osaka has begun. Most of the students from last term have returned, and a few new students have joined them. This term, I get to teach the public speaking class. It is a college level class, and the students use the same text as a number of colleges in the US. It should be a good challenge but enjoyable for the students. It is my first time to teach this group of students, and I am looking forward to it.

Dscn5072  Dscn5090
At the end of the previous term we had a Halloween party. It was organized and run by a group of students. They did a nice job, and it looked like everyone had a good time. I think everyone or almost everyone had a costume. A lot of people had original ideas for costumes. I really liked seeing what everyone dressed up as.

Dscn4911 Dscn4912 Dscn4901

During the party, there was a contest and prizes for the best costume. There was also a game of bingo. The students also showed off some of their talents. A couple of students showed us their dance moves – including back flips. There was a live duet – guitar player and singer. They did a nice job, and they sang in English. A number of students sang English songs karaoke style, and a couple of students did impersonations. A few students gave demonstrations of their physical skills. There was a small judo demonstration. Doing judo in a costume with a mask looked much more challenging than doing judo the regular way. One student showed off his soccer skills using a plastic jack-o-lantern and there was also a push-up contest.

Dscn4993 Dscn4356 

The students also had lunch and snacks at the party. In addition, we took some time to handout awards and certificates. We had a few students who graduated, so we gave them their graduation certificates. We also gave out awards for getting over 500 points on the TOEFL test, having perfect attendance, and getting a high GPA in the previous term. I think we gave out more awards this time than last time. That was a nice Halloween surprise.  All in all, the Halloween party was fun, and the winter term looks like it should





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