★LEVEL 5 classes at HIUC Osaka★


ピーター ヴァンデェヴィアー

Hello. We are coming to the end of the third week of the winter term at HIUC Osaka. This term is a big transition for the original level 3 class. They are now taking level 5 classes. That means that they are no longer doing ESL lessons. They are now taking classes that are very similar to the college classes they will take in America. They are not studying English anymore; they are now studying in English.

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They are taking a college level course on improving their reading skills. It involves reading college level materials, the novel The Old Man and the Sea, and writing a number of essays. They are also taking a college level course on public speaking. This includes studying the skills of speaking in public, analyzing speeches, and making their own speeches. Finally, they are also taking a general education preparation course. This is a content based course that focuses on a few different topics.

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What does it mean when we say the course is content based? This means that the course is not directly focused on English. It is focused on the subject that is being learned. The students are now using English to study other things. It also means that the way the students are assessed changes. For example, they have to write tests that are based on the materials they are studying not on their English ability. Currently they are working on the anthropology portion of the course. They will study some cultural anthropology and some physical anthropology. For example, in the cultural anthropology section of the course they looked at the Yanomamo, a tribe living in the Amazon. In the physical anthropology portion of the class they will look at evolution as well as other topics. It is a very challenging but interesting course. It is just like studying a regular course in an American college.

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In the public speaking course we have been pretty busy. The students have already completed a couple of mini-speeches. Each student gave a short speech on their name. They talked about the meaning of their name and how they got their name. They also gave as short speech about the day they were born. They had to tell the class something about themselves by talking about what happened in the year they were born. Both mini-speeches were nicely done. Next week, each student will give a short informative speech about how something works. For example, one student will talk about how the sun works, while another student will talk about how electric guitars work. It should be interesting to listen to all the informative speeches.

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As you can see, level 5 classes are definitely an interesting challenge. The work is hard, but the rewards are more than worth it. Have a good week.