The Presentations!

ピーター ヴァンデェヴィアー

Hello. Today, I would like to write a little about some of the presentations that the students have recently done at HIUC Osaka. Doing presentations in front of the class gives students a chance to build their public speaking confidence. Many people do not like speaking in front of other people, but the more a person does it, the easier it gets. We try to give the students many chances to speak in front of their peers. Doing presentations also gives students a chance to work on how they speak. They can take their time and think about how they will organize their ideas. They can also double check their grammar. They can practice what they want to say and how they want to say it. Then when they give their speech, they can focus on speaking. Because they have already thought of their ideas and made the sentences, they do not have to think about grammar and vocabulary. This means that they do not have to think about what they will say next. Instead, they can focus on how they will say it. They can focus on speaking smoothly, clearly and with good grammar.

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One group of students recently did speeches on extreme sports. They had to choose an extreme sport, do some research about it, and then give a speech about it. Students talked about extreme sports like skydiving, free diving, the iron man triathlon and others. In addition to research skills, they also learnt how to logically organize information. They had to divide their speech into five sections: what the sport is, how to do the sport, the dangers of the sport, why people do it, and where people can do it. Students had to use a slide show during their speech, and they had to talk for about 5 to 7 minutes.

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Another class had group presentations. There were three groups. They each had to talk about a different part of American history. The students in each group had some articles that they had to read. They also had to do a little research. Then they had to take this information and turn it into a presentation. They also had to work together to put together a PowerPoint slide show to match their speech. Finally, each group had to teach their section to the rest of the class. One group talked about why the pilgrims came to America and their search for freedom. Another group talked about how the English got control of the North-Eastern region of North America. The final group talked about the roots and causes of the American Revolution.

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The level 2 class did speeches on a topic of their own choice. They chose a topic, checked that it was okay with the teacher, made an outline for the speech, practiced the speech, and then did the speech in front of the class. The speeches were supposed to be about three minutes long, but many students went a little over time. They had some nice details, but next time, they will have to be more careful with their time. Some of the topics students spoke about included: Universal Studios Hollywood, the history of musicals, outer space, and products invented in Japan.

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The next activity was not really a speech, but it was good fun, so I will tell you about it. One class recently read the story, Love of Life. After reading, talking about, and analyzing the story, the teacher wanted them to do something different. The class was divided into groups, and each group was given a section of the story. They had to work with their partners and decide how to act out their section of the story. One member of the group was a narrator, and the other members were actors. Acting is similar to making in a speech in that students have to prepare and practice what they will say before they say it. That way, when they speak, they can focus on their delivery. The students did a good job, and it looked like they had fun.As you can see, the students have been busy.

Have a good week.