The Fall term is done.


ピーター ヴァンデェヴィアー

Hello. The fall term at HIUC Osaka is almost done. Then the students can relax for one week before the winter term starts.
The last week has been pretty busy for me and for the students. On Monday, I collected the essays the students wrote. They wrote about the problems that big cities have. I corrected the essays and returned them to the students. The students then had to fix and improve their essays. On Friday, the last day of school, they have to hand in their new revised essay. I will read those and give them a grade.

Dscn4025 Dscn4026

On Tuesday, the students had to hand in book reports. This time they had to write a book report essay. They had to compare or contrast two books they have read, or two characters from the books they had read. A couple of essays were really nice with lots of details. Many of the other essays were clearly organized and had good transitions, but were a little short on specific details. That is one thing that all students always have to work on. It is very important to have lots of specific details in your writing. I am sure they will get better with a little more practice. A few students maybe read the instructions wrong or ran out of time. Their essays were too short and not properly organized. It was disappointing, but that is part of learning. It is common and okay to make mistakes. The important thing is to learn from them and hopefully not make them again in the future.

Dscn4047 Dscn4049

On Wednesday and Thursday, we kept working on making outlines for essays. The students went through the steps of preparing to write an essay. They also helped each other try to fix up their outlines and add more detailed support. We also did some examples on the whiteboard to illustrate what we were talking about. Remember, if you can make an outline, you can probably write the paragraph or the essay.

Dscn4031 Dscn4040

On Friday, they had to hand in two essays. They had to hand in the essay about the problems that cities have that they corrected. They also had to hand in a new essay. They had to compare two friends. They had to do this essay with no help from me. Finally, we did an in-class essay. We took our outlines and went to the computer room. The students each chose one outline. Then they sat down and started typing. 90 minutes later, they had to hand in a finished essay.
As you can see, the last week was very busy. I am sure they will be able to appreciate their one week off after working so hard.

On a final note, this Sunday we will have our Halloween party. I am looking forward to it.