Taking Responsibility for Your Decisions


Very few people, if any, make all of the correct decisions during their lives. Whether we make bad decisions based on naivety, inaccurate or insufficient information, arrogance, spitefulness, or simple timing issues, making a bad decision is not the end all in life. I certainly can sit around a campfire and share more than a few bad-decision stories with my friends and family. Bad decisions will never define a person’s life on this earth, but how a person accepts—or doesn’t accept—responsibility for his or her bad decision does play a part in defining the person’s real character.

To be sure, no person controls 100% of his or her life completely—this is part of the very definition of life. However, each of us can make better decisions if we all slow down a little and reflect on the potential advantages or disadvantages of making a particular decision. Life does not always allow us to take the amount of time we really need to think a decision through, but in many cases, we are afforded more than enough time. One of these decisions that we do have enough time to think through thoroughly is related to education.

We live in a very competitive and rapidly changing world. The pace that everything is moving today is phenomenal compared to 20 years, but the same could be said 20 years ago and 20 years before that. In fact, you can bet that 20 years from now, the pace we are moving today will probably seem turtle like:o)) The secret is to find your pace, but it has to be at a pace that will allow you to participate in the global community.

On almost a daily basis, I am working with people who did not only make bad decisions but also refuse to accept any responsibility for their decisions. I am also fortunate to work with so many people that have made the right decisions. The former of these two are in awe of the latter and simply credit the latter’s success as dumb luck. Nothing could be further from the truth. The latter members all have amazing stories of how they struggled with time management, overcame significant barriers, and constantly had to put up with the naysayers around them.

If you don’t like some of the decisions you have made in life, learn from them and turn them into learning tools so that the next time you have to make a decision, you will be in a better position to make a better decision.

I was so happy to recently have lunch with two beautiful and talented former HIUC students who clearly have made many correct decisions and who do not shy away from taking responsibility for any bad ones they may have made in their lives. SUCCESS is theirs for the TAKING!!



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