A great week of great news!

This week, former HIUC students reported graduating from top universities, landing super jobs, getting engaged/married with Mr./Ms. Right, making the right decisions abroad, taking action to realize goals, and achieving those milestones in career advancement! What else can I say……YES, HIUC STUDENTS CAN DO IT ALL! Getting positive reports and listening to positive statements backed with well-thought action plans is not only awesome but also very inspiring to our current students. We would like to say congratulations to all of the students who shared their amazing and wonderful experiences! We always want MORE of these stories!

You always hear HIUC instructors discussing the importance of being positive and believing in yourselves. Well, if you find it hard to believe what we are saying, check out the recent Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology (MEXT) report on how negative young Japanese tend to think of themselves when compared to other countries’ young people. The numbers are nothing short of shocking! All I can say is that HIUC students can do whatever they put their minds to! Great efforts are followed with great rewards! Remember that positive thinking leads to a positive life!