The first term at HIUC has ended

ピーター ヴァンデェヴィアー

Hello. I hope you are enjoying the summer sunshine.

The first term at HIUC has ended. The students will now have a few weeks off for summer break. To help them continue studying English we gave them summer homework. It is not too much, just enough to keep them thinking in English. The important thing is for them to do a little every day. That is the best way to learn – you need to study a little every day.

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On the last day of school, we had an end of term party. We had donuts and other snacks and drinks. It was nice to see everyone in one room relaxed and talking to each other. We also had an awards ceremony. We had a few students graduate, so we gave out graduation certificates. We also had awards for TOEFL improvement of 50 points or more. In addition, we had perfect attendance awards. I was very happy to see that lots of students had perfect attendance. You have to come to school if you want to learn and improve your English.

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We also had a few short skits at the party. Two groups of students from my class gave short skits. It was fun to watch them. I am sure they were nervous, but they did a very nice job. They should all be happy with themselves. After these two groups went, we invited the other students to make small groups and try a skit. We asked for volunteers because this was just supposed to be fun. It was a chance for them to show off their English. I was a little disappointed because we did not get as many volunteers as I had hoped for. I hope they will be less shy next time. The teachers also did a short skit. A couple of students helped us out during the skit – thank you to them for their help.

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Another positive thing about the summer term is that every student passed. A couple of students were close to the border (they need to work harder next term and not miss assignments). However, most of the students got pretty good marks. Next term is more difficult, so every student will have to work a little harder if they want to get the same marks or better next time. I am confident that most of them can do it if they really try.


Our students are on break, but HIUC is still busy. We just started our summer TOEFL program. Many students joined the TOEFL course. Now they are busy practicing the skills they need to improve their TOEFL scores. The classes are tough, but they will definitely get some skills they can use.

Have a good summer and talk to you later.