The summer term is going well.

ピーター ヴァンデェヴィアー

Hello. The summer term is going well. Students are getting busier, but they are also getting used to studying in English. I think some of the student’s are starting to understand the real purpose of homework. Homework is not a race. It is not something you do to make your teacher happy. Homework helps you improve more quickly. You need to take your time, think about it, and put a lot of effort into it. When you do homework properly, you will improve faster. You will be able to better remember what you have learnt. The more times you see or do something, the better you remember it.

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This week we have been working on reading information on websites and then making notes about the info. It is important to write your notes in your own words. At first, some students wanted to copy sentences from the websites. This is a bad idea. First, it is plagiarism and will get you kicked out of college. Second, people often copy something without really understanding what it says. To make notes in your own words you need to understand what you are reading. You need to read it, think about, understand it, and then make a note about it. This is an important process and requires practice.

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Next, we used our notes to make a paragraph. We wrote a paragraph about Mount Rainier National Park in America. Students had to write about why it is a good place to visit on vacation. We looked at using transitions (first, second, finally) and main points (the reasons why it is a good place to visit). Then we looked at having detailed and specific support for the reasons. I think they got the basic idea. They will get more practice with this writing style over the next three terms.

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Next week, they are going to take notes on a new national park. They will then have to use their notes to make a short speech. This speech will be around three minutes long. This will be there fourth speech in my class. In the past, I helped them with making preview statements and transitions. This time they will have to make them without my help. I think they should be able to do it.

Have a good week.