Never be afraid to ask questions! Week 6

Friday of Week 6 was June 15, 2012! Just 15 more days before the halfway point of the year.
If you thought your instructors were kidding when we told you that your year at HIUC would fly by, you should now be able to understand that we were... just being truthful with you.
We encourage you to maximize each and every day you are with us at HIUC. Do not be filled with regret this time next year with “I wish I would have….I should have…..I could have….” thoughts!
Instead, put yourself in the position to look back over your year at HIUC and be able to say, “WOW! Did I ever improve!...WOW! I am so proud of what I did!...WOW!
My mom and dad are proud of me!....WOW! I can speak well, write well, and present well! I am ready to go abroad!....WOW! I have my TOEFL score of 550+ and iBT score of 80+!...WOW!
I am doing my part to make Japan a stronger country because I love Japan!” Be a positive not a negative!

The biggest point that stood out this week with the students was that everyone really seems to FINALLY understand the importance of asking questions when you do not understand something!
Your instructors are here to answer any questions you have…right Masakazu and Yuuki!
Never again read something that you do not understand or know how to pronounce correctly.
Double checking is always the best choice when you may not be 100% sure.
Your instructors love it when you ask us questions! What does this word mean? What does this sentence mean? How do pronounce this word? Can you help me? When can I use this word?
What is the difference between A & B? NEVER EVER BE AFRAID TO ASK A QUESTION!


Speech Event participants are working hard with their speech coaches early in the morning, at lunch, after school, and online!
Keep up the hard work! Most importantly, keep up with your regular classes and assignments!
Participating in the speech event is a privilege. Only two more weeks till the big day!
Everyone is looking forward to your super inspiring speeches!

I talked a bit about the importance of making the next 5 years of your life count.
The education and skills you get over the next 5 years will have a huge influence on the quality of life you live for the next 50 years!
Make a 10-year plan. Where do you want to be when you are 30 years old?
How much money do you want to be making? What kind of lifestyle do you want to be living?
Do you still want to be financially dependent on your parents when you 28, 29, and 30 years old?
Your choices that you make over the next 5 years will be extremely important!
You do not want to be coming back from America/England in 5 years with no skills and no job prospects.
Educate yourselves on what skills are necessary in the 21st century. You have a lifetime to study whatever you want after securing a great job!

Your HIUC instructors really want you to achieve every single goal you have set for yourselves, but we are also a bit tired of seeing our former students return unprepared for the realities of the new Japan.
To our students who have returned from abroad unprepared, we are still here to help you chart out a correction path!
Do not hesitate to contact us and ask us for advice on what you should be doing to make yourself more competitive.
As always, be prepared for the truth. Your HIUC instructors are not going to sugar coat anything.


I taught all of the high school students for the first time this term. They did a super job!
The energy was great, and most everyone was raising his or her hands enthusiastically!
We studied food idioms! I was quite hungry after class:o) Actually, I was hungry during class!
The high school students will be making a high-school rap! some will be hip-hop dancing and other students will be giving the beat-box!
The ladies will be singing and dancing along! Get ready for Nick! He is coming in class next Friday! We are proud of the progress each of you is making!
Remember to come have lunch with all of the instructors anytime and the other HIUC students too!

The next 4 weeks are going to be active and filled with many exciting and challenging events!
We want everyone to participate in ALL of them so please take care of your health.
Coming to class everyday is really important. You do not want to miss any opportunities to improve yourself before going abroad.

Have a super weekend! Study hard! Play hard!