Supring Camp is over. Summer term has begun!


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Hello. The spring intensive English course has finished, and the summer term at HIUC has begun.
The intensive English course was fun to teach. My class worked hard until the end of the last class on the last day. There were times when some of them were sleepy or tired, but they kept on trying. Using English from 9:00 in the morning until 5:30 at night for 11 days straight is pretty tough. I was glad that they did so well. During the final lesson, students gave speeches. I was surprised because some students talked for over four minutes without reading their notes.

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On the last day of the course, we had a small farewell party and awards ceremony. We had pizza, drinks and snacks. Then we gave course completion certificates to the students. After that, we gave out awards for TOEFL scores and success in completing course work. Finally, each student came to the front of the room and talked about their future plans. It was interesting to hear what all the different students were planning on doing. Wes and Lance also enjoyed the course and were impressed with how well their students did.

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I am teaching the level 1 integrated skills class during the summer term. I have only had a few lessons with my students, but I think it is going to be a fun semester. We have read and talked about three states in the USA: Washington, Florida and Vermont. Next week, each student will have to give a presentation on another state.

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We have also been looking at how to describe charts. For example, we used the following sentence pattern: 71% of adults in the USA use the Internet to buy something. The students also had to interview students from the school. They asked the other students about what they like to do on vacation. Then they used the answers to make their own charts. Then they had to describe what they learnt to their partners.

I hope all the new students enjoy their classes.



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