About New Students! first few weeks...


ピーター ヴァンデェヴィアー

Hello. We have finished the first couple of weeks at HIUC in Osaka. The students look like they are doing okay. The first few weeks of the first semester are often confusing for students. The experience they get here is often very different from what they had in the past. All the instructions are in English. All the activities are in English. If they do not understand what to do, they have to ask for help in English. There is also a fair amount of daily homework. They also have homework that they need to work on for a couple of days. They begin to get projects and presentations. They need to set their own schedule for preparing all the materials before the deadline. For many students these are a lot of changes. The good news is that it looks like most of the new students are doing okay with these changes.

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In my class, almost all of the students have done almost all the homework they have had. That is a good start. Good study habits help you learn more quickly. We have had a couple of vocabulary tests. Tomorrow we are going to work on making vocabulary cards. They already have vocabulary notebooks, but vocabulary cards are nice because they can study anywhere at anytime. One of the big things for new students at level 1 is learning more vocabulary. Using a vocabulary notebook and vocabulary cards will help them learn more words more quickly.

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This week, we had our first presentation in class. Each student had to talk about an American state that they researched. They had to use English websites to get information about their state. They had to find out the name of the capital, the population, when it became a state, what the name of the state means, and the major industries of the state. They also had to find out about what visitors to the state can do for fun. Then they put this information into a two-minute to three-minute presentation. Because this was their first presentation, the focus was to speak without reading. They could use cue cards, but they had to look at the audience as much as possible. Many of the students did a good job of speaking without reading.

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We have also been working on using ‘will’ to talk about the future and talking about American holidays in class. For their next presentation each student will have to talk about one American holiday.
Have a good week.