Timeline for One Day – Friday


ピーター ヴァンデェヴィアー

Hello. I thought in this blog that I would try to make a kind of timeline for one day – Friday. My plan was to record the time, and then walk around the school and take some photos and tell you what was going on.

Around 8:30 in the morning, the school was open, but classes had not begun. The classrooms and the building were basically empty. There were some staff members working in the office, and Josh and I were working in the computer room.

Dscn2931_3 Dscn2933_2 Dscn2932_2

The first class of the day starts at 9:20. However, around 9:00 some students were already in their classrooms. They were going over their homework, helping each other with difficult questions that they could not answer, or just hanging out and chatting.

Dscn2935_2 Dscn2936_2

At 10:30, the first class of the day was over half-way done. In the college level business class, the students were having a seminar style lesson with their teacher, Lance. The students in the level 4 speaking and listening class were working in pairs. They were practicing debating while Katie, their teacher, listened and gave them advice. In the computer room, Josh was helping a student who had a question, Chris was planning his lesson, and some students had come to school early to work on their homework.

Dscn2938_2 Dscn2939_2

The second class of the day starts at 11:00. At 11:30, the level 4 reading and writing class was working on Oliver Twist. They had finished reading the novel and were talking about it. Lance was listening to them and helping them with any problems they had. Some students were on break and relaxing in an empty classroom, and some other students were studying in the computer room. Chris was taking up homework questions with his class of new students.

Dscn2942  Dscn2940_2

Lunch is from 12:30 to 1:20. At 12:50, I found students eating their lunch and talking or studying in the computer room or the library.

Dscn2945_2 Dscn2947_2

The third class starts at 1:20. At 2:10, Josh’s college level astronomy class was having a test. Wes’s level 4 reading and writing class was working on ideas and outlines for a compare and contrast essay. They will have to write a 5-part essay this weekend. My reading and writing class was working on process paragraphs. Students were telling each other how to make an original sandwich. As usual, a handful of students were working in the library or the computer room.

Dscn2944_2 Dscn2951 Dscn2948_2

The fourth class starts at 3:00. At 3:45 the level 4 American culture class was listening to the last minutes of a lecture from Josh on the American frontier. Shortly after this lecture, they were working in pairs to talk about vocabulary based discussion questions. Wes’s class was talking about their opinions on different artists. With most classes done for the day, many students had left the school. However, a few students were still working and studying in the library, empty classrooms or the computer room.

Dscn2955_2 Dscn2959_2

The last class of the day ends at 4:30. Since it was Friday, many students left quickly. They went to part-time jobs, went back to their hometowns, or just went out to have fun. However, at 4:45 there were still students talking and joking in the computer room. Also, some students who had questions were talking to Josh and Wes to get some help.

Dscn2961_2 Dscn2962_2 Dscn2963_2

When I finished writing this there were students working on their homework in the computer room, the library and the empty classrooms. I hope this gives you an idea of what one day in spring is like at HIUC Osaka.