The Spring Term is Almost Done★


ピーター ヴァンデェヴィアー

Hello. The spring term is almost done at HIUC Osaka. We have one more week to go. That means that it is a busy time for our students.

This week, the students have been busy preparing their final essays and presentations. They have also been studying for their final exams. In the last week, the students will have to hand in their final assignments and take their exams. It will be busy, but when they finish they will have completed one year of studying English at HIUC. Then they will have to get ready to go overseas.


The new students for the next school year are also at HIUC now. They are starting their orientation. This week they had their entrance ceremony. They also had some English tests and some information sessions. Next week, the new students will have computer orientation. We give them some practice using English computers. They will also have some dictionary training and get some general information about how to be successful in their classes. After that, they will have a short break. Then they will begin their classes on May 7. I am looking forward to teaching them.


Two of our current students gave speeches at the entrance ceremony. I am sure they were nervous, but I think it was a great experience for them. They had to stand up in front of a few hundred people. Then they each gave a short speech about their experience at HIUC. They also gave the new students some advice on how to be successful. I was really impressed with their speeches. Taka spoke clearly and slowly. He did his best to make sure that everyone could understand what he was saying. Tsugumi used the skills she learnt in the speech making class she took. She had a short preview statement, she used signposts like first and second, and she used a rhetorical question to get the audiences attention. I was very happy that they both used the skills they learnt at HIUC in their speeches. They told me they were very nervous. However, when I saw them speak, I could not tell that they were nervous.
I hope our current students will do well in their final week and have a great time overseas. I hope the new students will enjoy their orientation. I also hope that they will be as successful as out current students.

Have a good week.