HIUC Tokyo Recognition Ceremony 2012

Last Friday, we recognized the great achievement and efforts made by our current HIUC students over the course of that past year. Your instructors told you a year ago almost to the day that if you made sacrifices, pushed through the challenging t...imes, and followed our program, you would be a completely different person. You have proven our method a success once again! The instructors and staff provided the environment, but each of you did ALL the work to get where you are today. You deserve to be proud of your accomplishments. Each of you has your very own APM. Do you know what this means? APM stands for your very own Automated Potential Machine! What is more is that your APM will never run dry (like my ATM does sometimes). You have 24/7 access to your APM and your password is simple – EFFORT!

I believe that today was by far the most meaningful recognition ceremony we’ve had because of the powerful video messages made by our super former HIUC students. All the instructors can say is a very simple WOW! A very BIG THANK YOU to Yamato (UCLA), Hayami & Ippei (University of Albany), Haruka (SUNY Delhi), Kota (University of Sydney), Taka (SUNY Plattsburgh), Mizuto (UCLA), Ken (College of Central Florida), Ayaka (SUNY Purchase), and Mei & Erika (University of Nebraska at Kearney). Despite your busy schedules, each of you made time to be a super role model to our current and future students. Your messages were right on target! You get another big WOW from me! Your videos were much appreciated by everyone! This was the first time to do this, and we definitely want to do it again!


Our school leader this year was no doubt Ms. Ai Aoki, and while we did not get to hear another great speech of hers today (because I had a brain spasm), each of you that received an award today owes a part of that recognition to Ai. She set the bar high early on in the school year and closed all of our speech events. Ai set that competitive spirit that we are always looking for each year from a student. I expect more of the same in the next term. A big thank you, Ai!


I think everyone enjoyed Mike’s dance to kick start the day (get it…kick start???):o)) However, my favorite was watching the 5 guys transform into MEN:o)) You guys definitely better start going to the sports club if you want to look like that in real life. Thanks for being good sports. If you want an iPhone copy or a computer-sized copy, just let me know.


The simple activities that we played at the end of the ceremony are reminders that a great time can be achieved with positive people and some very simple items. How you guys managed to hit those flags with those balloons from 7 meters away, I will never know. I really enjoyed watching your efforts! Did you see how aggressive Emmy gets when chocolate is involved?:o))

Kota told you in his video message that regardless if you received an award today or not, just knowing you did your best was reward enough. I couldn't have said it any better. I hope you take his message to heart.

I want to remember last year’s students at this time because they so unselfishly donated their recognition ceremony funds to Ofunato. Your thoughtful act will never be forgotten! All the HIUC instructors and staff want you to know that we are still so very proud of your actions during the events last year.

Thanks again to everyone this week for changing up your schedules--all the students who came early, stayed late, or met during lunch to make up classes, your understanding was much appreciated! Thanks too for all of your help with the new students. The new students look like they are ready, don't they! Remember that all of you current students will continue to serve as role models for the next term! Your instructors will be calling on you repeatedly during this time.

Enjoy your short break and get ready for the Summer Term! The GE courses are going to bigger and better than ever! If you haven't signed up, make sure you let Yuka know as soon as possible. We want to send you off as prepared as possible!

Finally, I think each of you recognized from the former student video messages why HIUC instructors love teaching at HIUC so much! We really are passionate about your education and want the very best for each of you in life! Never forget that we have a reason for everything we do at HIUC. Our program gets better each year because of our super former students who give us feedback and students like you who heed our advice and put it into practice. Thanks so much for being a great group of students!

Study hard! Play Hard!! Have super weekend! We love you all!




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