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ピーター ヴァンデェヴィアー

Hello. We have finished the spring term at HIUC Osaka. The students have finished their classes. Some of them will go overseas in May, some in June, some in July, some in August, and a few in September. I hope they keep practicing their English before they leave.


On the last day of class, we had a good bye party. The students had sandwiches, doughnuts, tea and soda. They talked and joked in small groups and with their teachers. After that, we had an awards ceremony. We gave out a variety of awards. I think all the students learned how important attendance is. The two students with the highest TOEFL scores were also the two students who never missed class. They had perfect attendance for the whole year (four semesters). Also, each student gave a short speech. They talked about what they were going to study overseas, where they were going to go, and what they wanted to do after they graduated. It was very interesting.  I am going to miss teaching them. I hope they come back and visit us in the future.


Now, we are running an intensive English course. Some of the students who belong to our distance learning program are taking this intensive speaking and listening course. They come to school from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm for 11 days. It is a very busy schedule for them. They do a variety of listening and speaking activities. We also try to give them around two hours of homework every night. It is hard, but my students have been making some nice progress. They are making longer sentences with fewer errors. They are also getting faster at making questions and keeping a conversation going.


Lance and Wes are also teaching classes for the spring camp. In Lance’s class, the students gave group presentations the other day. They are also going to make their first individual speeches today. In Wes’s class, the students had to tell and act out a traditional folktale in class today. In addition, they will have to give three speeches before the camp is done.
All the students look a little tired, but they are doing pretty good. If they keep up the good work, they should all see lots of improvement in their speaking and listening.

Have a good day.





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